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SALRC Pedagogy Workshop II
South Asian languages: Rethinking Curriculum (SALRC)

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Organized and directed by Professor Rakesh Mohan Bhatt, University of Illinois.

In this workshop, we will rethink/re-assess the curricular practices in teaching South Asian languages, drawing from the experience of the participating faculty as well as from current paradigms of research in second/foreign language teaching. In particular, we will explore methodological options for tailoring classes to a particular teaching/learning context: The Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) approach. We will focus on a number of basic principles of learning and teaching within the CLT paradigm and examine their efficacy in delivering South Asian languages to foreign and/or heritage learners.

The participating faculty will be expected to prepare/collect materials (syllabus, lesson plans, texts, supplementary texts, activities, assessment tools) following the communicative-interactional teaching methodology, to develop communicative competence among learners in the expression, interpretation, and negotiation of meaning. The materials prepared should be grounded in indigenous (=authentic) contexts so that the learners are not only able to negotiate meaning, guided by the interactional social context, but are also introduced at the same time to different functions (=use) of language.