General Resources

In addition to SALRC resources, consult the following links for general language pedagogy information, technologies for language instruction and heritage learners offered at other Language Resource Centers and leading language teaching institutions.

Language Resource Center links page

Find links to all fifteen Language Resource Centers, along with an introduction to the LRC’s and information about summer institutes and workshops.

Language Learning and Technology

Read this journal for second and foreign language teachers, read reviews, and search the journal archives for pedagogical issues relevant to your areas of interest or research.

Heritage Language Journal

Published from the UCLA World Languages Center and the Heritage Language LRC at UCLA, this journal has articles that are especially relevant to the issues facing South Asian language teaching faculty in the U.S. today.

Designed for college and university language instructors, this site provides information on teaching theory, method, application, with special sections dedicated to the teaching of grammar, listening, speaking, reading, writing, and culture.

This site provides multiple entries into research, professional development and program design resources in the area of language immersion education.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons is an organization that offers copyright licenses for creative works; visit this site to publish and share your text, music, and movies online.

Modern Language Association

The MLA Language Map uses information from the 2000 census to study the linguistic and cultural composition of the United States; the site also provides links to more detailed data, including number of speakers by state or zip code, and distribution by percentage of the languages in each state.