Resources for the Study of Tajik


Compiled by Maggie Ronkin, Georgetown University





A=UCLA Language Materials Project



Baizoyev, Azim and John Hayward. 2003. A Beginner’s Guide to Tajiki. Forward by E. Rahmonov. Publisher: RoutledgeCurzon; publication date: 18 November 2003. Price $31.95 (paperback).


Conroy, Joseph F. and Firdaus Shukurov. 1998. Tajik-English English-Tajik Dictionary and Phrasebook. New York: Hippocrene Books.

A dictionary and phrasebook organized into over thirty topics, with an introduction, notes on the alphabet and pronunciation, and a brief grammar sketch.



Hamroaliev, N. (compiler) and M.B. Shahobava, editor. 1986. The Concise English-Russian-Tajik Dictionary for Reading of News Media. Dushanbe, Tajikistan: Donish.

A reference aid for reading English-language newspapers. Gives Russian and Tajik equivalents in Cyrillic of English terms.



Noor, Nooria and Gordon L. Jackson, editor. 1993. The University of Washington’s Tajik and Central Asia in Transition Courses. Monterey, California: Defense Language Institute, Foreign Language Center.

Report on and extensive course materials for ‘Intensive Tajik’ and ‘Central Asia in Transition,’ which were taught at the University of Washington in 1992.



Rastorgueva, V. S. 1963. A Short Sketch of Tajik Grammar. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan.

A description of the sound and writing system of Tajik, morphology, and syntax. Part of a series of four Russian-English translations of grammars of Iranian languages; Tajik forms are in Cyrillic orthography.

Note: This 110-page grammar was published in the International Journal of American Linguistics 29 (4), October 1963. It is available from the Director of Publications of the Research Center in Anthropology, Folklore, and Linguistics, Rayl House, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana 47401.



Rudelson, Justin John. 1998. Central Asia Phrasebook. Oakland California: Lonely Planet Publications.

A travelers’ phrasebook. See descriptive note under entries for ‘Pashto’.



Shahobova, M. B. and Odimog, M. Lughati anglisi-tojiki: (baroi thonishi adabieti admi) / English-Tajik Dictionary. Dushanbe, Tajikistan: Donish.

A 130-page one-way English-to-Tajik dictionary (Cyrillic script).