Resources for the Study of Panjabi


Contributed by Dr. Elena Bashir

University of Chicago




Title: Punjabi‑English English‑Punjabi Dictionary

Goswami, K.K., compiler

New York: Hippocrene Books, 2000. Pp. 782.

Abstract A Punjabi‑English English‑Punjabi dictionary with guides to pronunciation guide and to phonetic transliteration of English words in Gurmukhi script.

Subjects pronunciation, script—Gurmukhi


Features writing system

Available From World Language Resources, 2130 Sawtelle Boulevard, Suite 304A, Los Angeles, California 90025, PHONE: 310.996.2300, FAX: 310.996.2303

Material Dictionary

ISBN Number 0‑7818‑0716‑6


Title: Teach Yourself Panjabi

Kalra, Jurjit Singh

Purewal, Navtej Kaur

Tyson‑Ward, Sue

McGraw‑Hill, 1999. Pp. 288.

Abstract:  A course in Punjabi for the beginning student. Contains sixteen lessons. Each lesson contains several short dialogues, on which the grammatical discussions for that unit are based. At the beginning of the volume is a unit which gives extensive practice in how to read and write the Gurmukhi script, including a chart with stroke orders for the individual characters. The text of the lessons are presented both in Gurmukhi and in romanized form. This volume also inlcudes a key to the exercises, a vocabulary list arranged by topic, a Punjabi‑English glossary, and a grammar and verb index.

Subjects exercises and drills, grammatical categories, conjugation, script—Gurmukhi, romanization, dialogues, grammar instruction


SERIES: Teach Yourself

Features illustrated, glossary, self instructional, appendix, writing system

Available From McGraw Hill

Material General text

Skill All

Level Beginning

Audience Adult

ISBN Number 0844201855

Title: Colloquial Panjabi: A Complete Language Course

Bhardwaj, Mangat Rai

New York, New York: Routledge, 1995. Pp. 296.

Abstract:   A course in Punjabi for the beginning student. Contains ten grammar units and six script units. The material in the ten grammar units is presented both in Gurmukhi and in romanized form, to give learners a choice in whether they wish to learn to read and write Gurmukhi. The last six units give reading and writing practice in Gurmukhi. Also contains a grammatical summary, a Punjabi‑English glossary, a key to the exercises, transcripts for the listening exercises, and an index.

Subjects exercises and drills, script—Gurmukhi, romanization, grammatical categories, grammar instruction, exercises—comprehension


Features glossary, self instructional, appendix, writing system

Available From Routledge, 29 West 35th Street, New York, New York 10001‑2299, PHONE: 800.634.7064, FAX: 800.248.4724

Material General text

Skill All

Level Beginning

Audience Adult

ISBN Number 0415101913

Title: Language Lotto: Punjabi and English

By Cultural Connections

Publisher Alameda, California: Cultural Connections, 1995.

Abstract: A bilingual set of mini‑books and a bingo game in Punjabi and English for up to thirty players. Includes an audio cassette tape with Punjabi and English vocabulary recorded by native speakers for the game. Divides game vocabulary into categories such as animals, clothing, greetings, and nature. Provides additional recorded vocabulary in categories such as colors, days of the week, and months of the year. Repeats each recorded word twice in both languages followed by pauses for learner repetition. Explains how to use audio tape, game cards, bingo chips, vocabulary cards, and additional items for two other games. Shows words printed in foreign scripts or alphabets and English on all game and vocabulary cards. Suggests duplicating game cards and master sheets of vocabulary words for games and activities with more than eight players. Contains a packet of pages for making eight illustrated mini‑books of vocabulary words from the Language Lotto tape.

Subjects vocabulary instruction, teaching materials, pronunciation, script—Gurmukhi


ELECTRONIC MEDIA DESCRIPTION: One audio cassette (1 hr); instructions; game cards; vocabulary cards; mini‑books; bingo chips.

Features illustrated, self instructional, writing system

Available From Cultural Connection, P. O. Box 1582C, Alameda, California 94501, PHONE: 510.538.8237, FAX: 510.769.6230

Material General text

Level Beginning



Title: Punjabi: A Cognitive‑Descriptive Grammar

Bhatia, Tej K.

London: Routledge, 1993. Pp. 423.

Abstract:   A descriptive grammar of Punjabi. Divides material into five major sections, beginning with syntax. Continues with a chapters on inflectional and derivational morphology, segmental and suprasegmental phonology including an exegesis on morphophonology and ideophones. Devotes the final chapter to lexicon organized by semantic fields. Provides brief overview of verbal and nominal forms in the appendices.

Subjects syntax, morphology, phonology, grammatical categories, linguistics—descriptive, dialectology, script—Gurmukhi, word formation


SERIES: Descriptive Grammar Series

Features bibliography, appendix, writing system

Available From Routledge, London

Material Grammar

Skill Reading/Writing

Level Intermediate

ISBN Number 0‑415‑00320‑2


Title: A Pedagogical Grammar of Punjabi

Dulai, Narinder K.

Patiala, India: Indian Institute of Language Studies, 1989. Pp. 255.

Abstract:   A Punjabi grammar written for teachers. Bases its content on the assumption that the teachers will teach Punjabi to native Hindi speakers. Provides background on other grammars of Punjabi as well as on a bilingual (English/Hindi) approach to teaching Punjabi. Focuses on basic elements of the language by devoting chapters to phonology, morphology, syntax, vocabulary and script. Couches expository language in linguistic terminology. Includes a five-page bibliography on sources related to second‑language pedagogy, bilingualism, linguistic theory, language acquisition as well as to linguistic issues in Punjabi and Hindi.

Subjects script—Gurmukhi, script—Devanagari, morphology, phonology, syntax, vocabulary instruction, teacher education, bilingualism


SERIES: IILS Series in Language and Linguistics ‑ IX

Features glossary, bibliography, writing system

Available From Indian Institute of Language Studies, Patiala, India

Material Grammar

Focus education


Title: Introductory Course in Spoken Punjabi: A Microwave Approach to Language Teaching, 3d. edition

Bahri, Ujjal Singh

New Dehli, India: Bahri Publications, 1988. Pp. 252.

Abstract:  A beginning Punjabi textbook divided into four units of ten chapters each. States the vocabulary, grammatical, and cultural information to be introduced in each chapter in the beginning. Begins each lesson with dialogs highlighting new vocabulary and grammar. Provides both teacher's and learner's notes after dialogs. Includes notes about grammatical constructions in each chapter. Concludes with three appendices. Features a grammatical sketch in the first. Follows the grammatical sketch with a glossary of common terms in Punjabi. Presents a glossary of grammatical and linguistic terminology in the thrid appendix.

Subjects script—Gurmukhi, grammatical sketch, vocabulary instruction, exercises and drills, pronunciation, grammatical categories, culture and customs


Features glossary, self instructional, appendix, writing system

Available From Bahri Publications, New Dehli, India

Material General text

Level Beginning


Title: An Intensive Course in Punjabi

Bhatia, Motia

Manasagangotri, Mesore, India: Central Institute of Indian Languages, 1985. Pp. 430.

Abstract:   A textbook in elementary Punjabi written for educators in India who already speak an Indian language. Comprises twenty‑four units further divided into ninety lessons. Introduces dialog drills, exercises, vocabulary, major grammar points and notes in each lesson. Provides instructions in English as well as English translation of all dialogs. Begins with charts of the Gurmukhi alphabet. Gives no other instruction in reading the script. Incorporates culturally relevant vocabulary into lessons.

Subjects script—Gurmukhi, sentences, dialogues, vocabulary instruction, grammatical categories, culture and customs


Features self instructional, writing system

Available From Central Institute of Indian Languages, Manasagangotri, Mesore, India

Material General text

Skill Listening/Speaking

Level Beginning

Audience Adult

Focus education


Title: A Start in Punjabi

Gleason, Jr., Henry A.

Gill, Harjeet Singh

Patiala: Punjabi University Press, 1972. Pp. 3, 152.

Abstract:   A short course of Punjabi, specifically designed for Americans who would have a short period of language study before going to Punjab. Bases material on detailed analyses of sound patterns and syntactic structures of Punjabi and American English. Contains twenty lessons, each dedicated to a different grammatical property of the language. Each lesson is divided in different subsections. Starts with a dialogue in original Punjabi transcribed in phonetic script and followed by the same text in its original Gurmukhi script. The dialogue is followed by its English translation and a number of usage notes with useful information on grammar and pronunciation. A separate section introduces pronunciation patterns of the language in greater detail with the aid of English counterparts given as examples of the targeted sounds. The lesson ends with a number of drills practicing particular sound patterns introduced in the lesson. Further notes illustrate additional points on the phonology of the language. Includes a chapter on the Gurumukhi writing system and a chapter with suggestions for the use of the book and further practice on the language after the completion of the lessons included in the textbook.

Subjects script—Gurmukhi, pronunciation, grammar instruction, vocabulary instruction, exercises and drills, dialogues, transcription


Features writing system

Available From Punjabi University Press, Patiala

Material General text