Resources for the Study of Kazak(h)


Compiled by Maggie Ronkin, Georgetown University






A=UCLA Language Materials Project (all entries here)


Abouv, Z.houmagaly. 1994. Colloquial Kazakh: A Mini Course. Guilford, CT: Audio-Forum.

A self-instructional  introductory course for travelers on three audio cassettes that emphasizes oral communication and the colloquial language.


Akhmetova, S. G. 1960. Aghylshyn-Qazaq Sozdigi. Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan: Kazakh Textbook-Pedagogical Publishing House.

An English-to-Kazakh dictionary for Kazakh speakers that contains 5,300 words.


Ayapova, Tangat Tangirberdikyzy and Alan D. Thomas, editor. 1991. Learn the Kazakh Language in 70 Steps: Using 200 Sentence Models. Kensington, MD: Dunwoody Press.

A beginning textbook containing eleven units on pronunciation, grammar, and practical conversation, with three audio cassette tapes.


Cirtautas, Ilse. 1992. Kazakh: Language Competencies for Peace Corps Volunteers in

Kazakhstan. Washington, DC: Peace Corps.

A text for classroom use and self-study by Peace Corps volunteers, consisting of language and culture lessons on thirteen topics.


Dávid, Somfai. 2002. Kazak Grammar. Place of publication not listed; Lincom-Europa.

A grammar focusing on categories of verb morphology and verb formations, and on phonetic changes in spoken Kazakh. (Incomplete citation.)


Ibrahim, Ablahat. 1999. Beginning Kazakh. Tucson, Arizona: University of Arizona Critical Languages Program.

A quality, self-taught, introductory course consisting of twenty lessons on two CD-ROMS.


Krippes, Karl A, Saule Mustafina, and Bulgaisha Sagidoldagiyn, editors. 1994. Kazakh (Qazaq)-English Dictionary. Kensington, MD: Dunwoody Press.

A one-way Kazakh (Cyrillic)-to-English dictionary containing over 20,000 general words and phrases.


Krippes, Karl A, Saule Mustafina, and Bulgaisha Sagidoldagiyn, editors. 1996. Kazakh Grammar with Affix List. Kensington, MD: Dunwoody Press.

A reference grammar containing descriptions of phonology, morphology, syntax, and nominal and verb inflections, as well as a list of affixes.


Krueger, John R. 1985. A Kazakh Newspaper Reader: Including a Complete Kazakh-English Citation Glossary. Bloomington, Indiana: Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies, Indiana University.

The author’s ‘Introduction to Kazakh’ and twenty newspaper articles (primarily translations from Russian originals), dating from January 1, 1980. Uses Cyrillic orthography and does not provide English translations.


Krueger, John R. 1980. Introduction to Kazakh: Grammatical Outline, Kazakh Reader,

Kazakh-English Phrasebook, and Kazakh-English Glossary. Bloomington, Indiana: Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies, Indiana University.

A grammatical outline and reader designed to build competency in reading contemporary social science writings (purposefully omits literary selections). Includes reading material from newspapers and a high school science magazine, a practical English-to Kazakh phrase book, a Kazakh-to-English glossary, an annotated bibliography, and a general linguistic profile of the language.


No author listed. 1974. English-Kazakh Dictionary: 20,000 Entries. Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan: Mektep.

A one-way English-to-Kazakh dictionary for native speakers of Kazakh.


Noor, Nooria and Gordon L. Jackson, editor. 1993. The University of Washington's Tajik and Central Asia in Transition Courses. Monterey, CA: Defense Language Institute, Foreign Language Center.

See description under ‘Tajik’.


Rudelson, Justin Jon. 1998. Central Asia Phrasebook. Oakland, CA: Lonely Planet Publications.

See description under ‘Pashto’.


Shnitnikov, Boris N. 1966. Kazakh-English Dictionary. London: Mouton and Company.

A Kazakh (Cyrillic)-to-English dictionary that includes categories (e.g. folkl., zool., etc.), morphological functions, and English equivalents of words; foreword by Nicholas Poppe.


No author listed. 1995. Kazakh Language Course for Peace Corps Volunteers in Kazakhstan. Almaty, Kazakhstan: Peace Corps.

Ten practical theme- and competency-based language lessons designed for training Peace Corps volunteers.